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Farm Location

Kakunyu, Kagera region

Farm tour

A place for families & friends to create magical memories through experiences that focus on Farm, Food & Fun.


We conduct farm tours for individuals, groups, and school children


Enjoy some of the most satisfying activities on our farm.

➢ Nature trails along Kagera River

➢ Seeing cattle and goats and join herdsmen to graze

➢ If you are brave, visit our beehives and enjoy the honey

➢ Milking our dairy cows and have milk for your breakfast lemon grass tea

➢ Visit our banana farm and have ‘Matoke’ for your dinner or ‘Katogo’ for breakfast

➢ Go fishing at Kagera River

➢ Take a visit to our local community

➢ A night in our tent along Kagera River with a bonfire

➢ Pick a male goat, slaughter and have it all

➢ Visit our small bar and enjoy Tanzania or Ugandan drinks

➢ Cross the Kagera River in a traditional boat

➢ Grab a running chicken and have it for lunch/dinner